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  • Assessment Process Map
  • Core Process Steps
  • Identifying the Team and Resources (Step 1)
  • Obtain leadership support
  • Build the staff team
  • Identify and obtain resources
  • Determine level of community involvement
  • Consider an assessment advisory committee
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  • Defining the Purpose and Scope (Step 2)
  • Identify the users and audience
  • Define the purpose
  • Specify the target population
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  • Collecting and Analyzing Data (Step 3)
  • Determine who will collect and analyze data
  • Collect secondary data
  • Collect primary data - introduction
  • Collect primary data - methods
  • Analyze data
  • Develop a data management process
  • Consider examining community assets
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  • Selecting Priorities (Step 4)
  • Review assessment data
  • Establish criteria for evaluating data
  • Set priorities with a consensus process
  • Validate prioritized needs
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  • Documenting and Communicating Results (Step 5)
  • Organize information for presentation
  • Prepare a written report
  • Publicize assessment findings
  • Consider promoting community dialogue
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  • Planning for Action and Monitoring Progress (Step 6)
  • Conduct research to inform goals and actions
  • Define goals, objectives, and strategies
  • Create and implement the action plan
  • Develop evaluation plan and monitor progress
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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Resource Links
  • Case Examples
  • Data Sources (updated 11/2012)
  • Glossary
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  • Assessment Process Map

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  • Assessment Process Map

    The ACHI Community Health Assessment Toolkit's six Core Process Steps appear in the order they are typically addressed, both in the navigation on the left and in the assessment process guide below.  Use the image below as a navigation aid, but keep in mind that you can approach your assessment differently and that in practice some steps overlap. The Toolkit allows you to find the information you need wherever you are in the process.

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